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NFL Network And Comcast Reach Settlement

For months, the NFL Network was eager to tell you that the channel would bolt from the Comcast cable system effective May 1. However, the NFL Network and Comcast finally threw its fanbase a proverbial life raft by agreeing on a 10-year deal that will grant the league’s flagship network better access to more subscribers.

According to the deal, the NFL Network will be placed programming package called Digital Classic. The aforementioned package carries roughly 10 million subscribers.

As someone who lived in a house with Comcast and DirecTV, not having the Sunday Ticket is a shot to my soul that I may never recover from…well, until I move into house where I can carry both Comcast and DirecTV once more. However, this pact provides me some solace.

Comcast will now carry DirecTV’s Red Zone Channel, which is a part of the Sunday Ticket package. Hence, Comcast subscribers will have a shot at viewing red zone possessions from team

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