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James Harrison Is Not Impressed With Barack Obama

James Harrison is running from the Cardinals and...the White House.

James Harrison is running from the Cardinals and...the White House.

When the Steelers won Super Bowl XL back in 2006, linebacker James Harrison decided to skip the team’s visit to the White House. During the ’05 season, Harrison was not a key contributor to the defense and for the moment was an under the radar type of player.

Fast forwarding three years later, the Steelers are Super Bowl champs again, set to visit the White House and once more Harrison is not going. Considering, he was the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year last season and provided one of the critical plays in Super Bowl history, Harrison’s absence is a bit more noticeable this time around.

Harrison’s explanation? He doesn’t believe the invitation to the White House to see Barack Obama is all that special because after all, only winners are honored.

“I don’t feel the need to go, actually,” Harrison told Pittsburgh station WTAE-TV. “I don’t feel like it’s that big a deal to me.”

Harrison went on to say that the Cardinals would have been invited had they won and not the Steelers. His point is that a team should be asked to the White House whether they win the Super Bowl or not.

It is believed that this is not politically driven considering that he skipped in ’06 when GWB ran the country. Thus, he skipped out on a Republican and Democrat, evening out the matter. 

It’s somewhat of a noble stand by Harrison but seriously, how many opportunities will he have to go to the White House the rest of his life? Less than three? None? James, strike while the iron is hot my man.

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