Video of the Day: Tuxedo Time

When Blake Griffin is crying into his pillow over being drafted by the LA Clippers at some point within the next year, he can in part thank the debacle that is the NBA Draft Lottery. The infamous ’84 draft was the last time teams picked in order of […]

Best of NFL Tweets

Twitter is amazing. Not only can you find this esteemed website tweeting via @joemsrightarm but it is fun to find out what hi-jinx athletes might be up to. Courtesy of, here is a recap of some NFL player tweets you might find enjoyable…with a little commentary on […]

Video of the Day: We Looooove LA!

Not really. I’m a Sixer fan and don’t like the Lakers thanks to ’80, ’82, and ’01. However, since Hedo Turkoglu and the Magic took it upon themselves to eliminate my beloved Sixers from the playoffs, I’m all for Showtime slamming Orlando. Congrats Lakers fans and big ups […]

Rich Man, Rich Man

The Eagles/Donovan McNabb saga is over…for now. The team gave McNabb a restructured deal that will net him an extra $5.3 million over the next two seasons. McNabb’s restructured deal raised the question of “why not an extension?”

Grossman Is A Texan

With Dan Orlovsky listed as the backup quarterback, the Texans decided to further bolster the quarterback position after starter Matt Schaub. After all, prior to the signing of former Bears quarterback Rex Grossman, the Texans were one hit away from a player who helped author an 0-16 season […]