First and 10

First and 10: Today’s Ten Best Links – July 27

Happy belated birthday!

Happy belated birthday!

Why are reporters asking Terrell Owens about Michael Vick? Anyway, link time.

  1. Football Outsiders: The gang at are high on the Giants. Later in August, I’ll post a big NFC preview but I’ll throw this in. What worries you most about the Giants? The fact that they are hinging their success on a rookie receiver or that Eli Manning is awful in his own building after Thanksgiving?
  2. Banner says cancel season: Eagles team president Joe Banner says the Birds have the NFL’s best roster.
  3. T.O. lays down the law: According to Owens, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell needs to sit in the clink for 23 months.
  4. Another Raven Retires: From the file of the absurd, Drew Bennett signed with the Ravens…then promptly retired.
  5. The Good and the bad: The Phils took two out of three from the St. Louis Cardinals but it was not a good weekend for Phillies fans. Just ask Julio Lugo and Albert Pujols.
  6. Homeless meets BCS: A homeless man and former college football player develops “The Kennedy Proposal” to fix the BCS.
  7. Lombardi doin’ work: The tremendous Michael Lombardi’s Sunday column.
  8. The 2009 Great Male Survey is out!
  9. Cowboys = less drama: Dallas is trying to cut down on the drama in ’09. Good luck with that gang.
  10. Mad man: Inside the mind of Vince McMahon.


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