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Poll Me: NBA or NHL?

I felt compelled to ask this question after listening to a radio show where one of the co-host said, “who watches the slam dunk contest?” Well Buster, apparently over eight million people did on Saturday night according to Nielsen.

Ted Williams Needs To Be Hired By The NFL

Ted Williams, a homeless man, says he has a great voice…and he does. The Columbus Dispatch discovered Williams, who was holding a sign touting his golden voice. It’s so good that he was recently offered voice work and a home reportedly by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Clearly, the NFL […]

Pour One Out For The Spectrum

Yes, I’m day late. However, since the wrecking ball used on the Philadelphia Spectrum has the strength of a pea shooter, I figured there was still more than ample opportunity to pay my respects. Missing from this countdown? The Dr.J cradle dunk on Michael Cooper. Simply put, an […]