Michael Vick

Michael Vick Returns To The World Of Advertising

Earlier in the week, Michael Vick made news by publicly saying he wanted to own a dog again someday.

While this drew the ire of some (looking at you Skip Bayless), Vick seemingly views this as a part of his rehabilitation.

Another part?

The wonderful world of commercials.

This is Vick’s second NFL season since spending time in prison and we have not seen him or any advertisers dip their collective toe into the “Michael Vick: Celebrity Pitchman” pool…until now.

Woodbury Nissan in New Jersey used Vick in a recent ad to promote their dealership.

Oddly, Vick did not receive money but instead the use of a $54,000 Nissan Armada.

This may eventually lead to Vick’s return towards a national spokesperson platform down the road.

As callous as this idea might seem, if he wins (or gets to a Super Bowl), it’s more likely that a company will take a chance on him down the line.

Come hell or high water, America loves winners.

There are two supreme examples of this notion: Ray Lewis, a Super Bowl MVP and Kobe Bryant, a five-time champion with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Mr. Lewis:

Mr. Bryant:

Michael Vick may never have an opportunity to be a national pitchman again. However, the cases of Lewis and Bryant prove the only way out may be exemplary play on the field.

That seems to be a rather sad and unbelievable concept but clearly, there is something to it.

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