Super Bowl Blog

Super Bowl XLIII Blog! – Pregame Edition

6:09PM – It’s Al, John and the rest of our somewhat subdued rowdy friends on NBC for Super Bowl XLIII live from Tampa. The AFC Champion Steelers enter to “Right Here, Right Now” by Fatboy Slim. If history says anything, it’s an ominous sign. The 2001 Sixers used that as their pregame entry music and got blitzed by the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

6:10PM- Meanwhile, to the surprise of no one, the Cardinals enter the field to some unrecognizable song and NBC immediately cuts to break. It’s all about the commercials baby!

6:15PM- Hey! Another awesome Cardinals omen as Kurt Warner wins the 2008 Walter Payton Man of the Year award, which is immediately followed by Faith Hill in all of her glory.

6:26PM- After a tremendous national anthem by Jennifer Hudson, Al trots out the stat that the NFC has won 11 straight coin tosses, which is really strange. Make it 12 straight. Arizona defers and Pitt will receive.

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