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Super Bowl XLIII Blog!- 1st Quarter

6:31PM- Gary Russell, who is a part of numerous prop bets, returns the opening kick and we’re off!!

6:43PM – Oooh. The Wiz challenges a Ben TD run and WINS! After running over the Cardinals D in the opening drive, a disappointing way to the cap the drive for Steeler Nation. Reed boots a short FG to give Pitt the early 3-0. By the way,  the moral of this drive is that Pitt’s goalline offense is terrible, which has been the case all season long.

6:51PM- Ariona’s first drive is killed by a holding penalty on a 3rd and 1 run which turns it into a 1st and 20.  Good luck with that versus the Steeler D. Early on it looks like Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau is pulling a page out of the Belichickian book of defending Warner. Multiple looks, deception, etc.

7:03PM- End of 1, Steelers on the move again. Clearly, they are the better team thus far and wisely they aren’t going to let Warner, Fitz, and friends get on the field.

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