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Super Bowl XLIII Blog!- 2nd Quarter

7:09PM- If you had Gary Russell not scoring in a prop bet…YOU LOSE! He goes in from one yard out. Well, can’t say that I’m all that surprised. When the Cards don’t force turnovers and aren’t playing Jake Delhomme they’ve been relatively ordinairy in the playoffs. They have that ’94 Chargers look to them right now and that better change immediately.

7;22PM – QUAN! The first sighting of an Arizona receiver other than Steve Breaston leads to Zona’s first TD. A long Boldin reception leads to a near touchdown but he’s cut down near the two. Warner nearly stumbled to the ground but before doing so hit Ben Patrick in the endzone to pull the Cards within three. 10-7, Pitt. Well, we’ve heard from both offenses and the Pittsburgh D. Looks like it’s time for the Cards D to do something.

7:30PM- Arizona forces a punt and the crowd goes wild! Again another drive killing holding penalty. Hey, remember Larry Fitzgerald? Haven’t seen him yet…

7:41PM – After a good Steve Breaston return goes to waste, Ben channels his inner Super Bowl XL, has a ball tipped and then intercepted by Cardinals linebacker Carlos Dansby.  We’re a second away from the 2 minute warning of a very intriguing game. Theoretically, Pitt has very little to show for that tremendous first quarter.

7:56PM- Wow. James Harrison pulls out the play of the year thus far. He drops back into coverage at the goalline and picks Warner…then takes it 100 yards for a score. Bad throw by Warner who tried to hit Boldin on a slant. Warner’s mistake and horrendous tackling after the pick by Zona leads to the longest play in Super Bowl history and the end of the half. 17-7 Steelers

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