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Super Bowl XLIII Blog!- 3rd Quarter

8:35PM- Well, geez. Ending Arizona’s first drive was a ridiculous call by Terry McAulay, who seemed as if someone was asking him a Trigonometry question when he tried to make a call there. Warner clearly tried to throw the ball but McAulay says Steeler ball. It’s thankfully reversed and the Wiz uses his second challenge thanks to bad officiating.

8:47PM- Apparently, McAulay grew up as a Steeler fan. Another absurd call. This time, roughing the passer against Carlos Dansby.

8:55PM- Pittsburgh McAulay strikes again. This time, it’s a personal foul against Adrian Wilson for running over punter Mitch Berger. I guess he could have stopped but geez. Wilson is bailed out though by Pittsburgh inability to run inside of the five which would have killed them any other year…except this one. Jeff Reed caps the 16-play drive with a 21 yard field goal. 20-7 Pittsburgh.

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