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Super Bowl XLIII Blog!- 4th Quarter

9:10PM- Good to see that this game is spiraling out of control. Another Arizona penalty puts the Cardinals into a 3rd and 13 situation. Warner then proceeds to throw six yards short to Hightower, which is incomplete. Bad officiating, no deep balls. Great. Game ovvve…well not yet.

9:16PM- Darnell Dockett saves the game and perhaps a few ratings points by sacking Big Ben but the Cards are backed up. Listen, people are going to say that the game boiled down to that throw by Warner which is without a doubt the game’s definitive play. However, the penalties and lack of consistency on defense are the main reasons they are in this spot.

9:27PM- Fitzgerald p’owns Ike Taylor in the endzone on a 1 yard TD catch. It’s a game again thanks to Arizona’s no-huddle and exploiting the Steelers coverage. 20-14 Pitt.

9:30PM- Another clutch play by the Zona defensive line leads to a punt…CUE THE DRAMA.

9:45PM- A collective heart attack is going on in Steeler Nation. A safety for holding in the end zone. Arizona gets two plus the ball.

9:50PM- ONIONS!!!!!!! 23-20 Zona.

10:15PM- An absolutely incredible finish. Holmes scores the game-winning TD and should win MVP honors. Warner “fumbled” on the last play which Pittsburgh McAulay and the booth did not review. 27-23 Steelers. Pittsburgh can now breathe with its sixth world championship. Incredible.




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