Dallas Cowboys

What’s the Story Morning Glory?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is at a crossroads with Terrell Owens. Jones seemed to indicate at a press conference on Tuesday that Owens would return in ’09. However, this whole situation appears rather uneasy. Jerry Jones has one major problem holding him back potentially though: former Detroit Lion receiver Roy Williams.

If Owens leaves, Dallas’ opening day receivers could be Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin to name a few. For those who aren’t NFL educated, that’s a very average receiving group. Since arriving from Detroit, Williams has done nothing to establish himself as a future number one or capable number two. Instead, he posed as the guy most likely to arrive on a waiver wire within two seasons.

Conversely, if Owens stays, he still is a headache. He’ll still clash with Tony Romo and other teammates when the ball isn’t coming his way. Ultimately, Jones’ hands are tied in part thanks to the inability of Williams to turn into a productive NFL receiver again.

Unless Jones can find some sort of post-T.O. plan, expect Owens to be back in Dallas.

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