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Warner’s Agent Talks To 49ers

Remember when Mike Singletary said the 49ers were going to put the “F” back in physical a few weeks back? In that same speech, he said that he would not name Shaun Hill as the team’s starter because it would breed competition by not making such a proclamation.

Translating Singletary’s footballese, that’s code for “we’ll look elsewhere for a starter and if we must, it’ll be Hill.” Well, look who the 49ers are talking to.

Reports surfaced yesterday that Warner’s agent Mark Bartelstein was having discussions with the Niners over potentially adding the two-time MVP.

Warner, who is looking for $10-$12 million from Arizona next season is likely to demand a steeper price from San Fran.

Yesterday on ESPN’s NFL Live, Warner stated that in his opinion, he played below market value the last couple of seasons, which seems to be an accurate assessment.

Mix that in with uprooting a family with seven kids and it’ll take a pretty penny to move Warner out of the desert.

I don’t think San Francisco is a likely option for him. While there may be interest out of the Warner camp, the move doesn’t make sense for either party.

Warner wants to go back to another Super Bowl obviously and the 49ers don’t give him that chance.

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