Top 10 Moments of the 2008 Season

The Top 10 Moments of the 2008 Season: #1

It’s time to reveal the number one moment of the 2008 NFL season. Sorry Steelers fans. The number one moment had a dramatic impact on your team winning the Super Bowl.

1. The Day The Music Died – Kansas City’s Bernard Pollard ends Tom Brady’s season and indirectly makes Matt Cassel a millionaire…and also clears the deck for a Steelers Super Bowl win.

Matt Cassel is going to be a rich man as the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. He has the definitive moment of the 2008 season to thank for his fortune and along with the misfortune of teammate Tom Brady.

Coming off of a 16-0 regular season but failing to win Super Bowl XLII, the Patriots entered the season as favorites yet again to win the AFC and perhaps add another Super Bowl ring to its collection. Yet, Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard’s Week 1 hit on the 2007 NFL MVP put an end to any of those thoughts.

There’s no doubt that Brady’s left knee injury had a far greater impact than any one thing this season. Obviously, the NFL doesn’t operate on what ifs but the injury clearly had a significant impact on the AFC. The Patriots spent about half of the season trying to get acclimated to life with Matt Cassel at quarterback. The adjustment period ultimately cost New England a playoff spot despite finding a way to win 11 games.

Considering they were coming off an 18-1 season, it’s certainly fair to assume if you’re a Patriots fan that Brady’s appearance (or Matt Cassel’s for that matter post Brady-injury) would have dramatically altered things in the AFC playoffs.

Nonetheless, Pollard’s hit landed the 2008 season’s definitive blow, taking away one of the game’s greats.

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