Erin Andrews

A Letter To Our Friends At ABC

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Dear American Broadcasting Company,

As a viewer of numerous programs on your network including Grey’s Anatomy and Lost, I am here to make the plea to end all pleas.

Through reading numerous newspaper articles, it has been brought to my attention that a young woman by the name of Erin Andrews is interested in participating on a program called Dancing With The Stars that many Americans around the country thoroughly enjoy.

It appears each season that one of the program’s goals is to somehow integrate folks from the sports world (i.e. retired or nearly athletes),

Truthfully, I don’t know Ms. Andrews well. Besides her stint with the University of Florida Dazzlers (the basketball dance squad); broadcasting stints as a reporter Turner Sports and Turner South; and brilliant work with ESPN as a sideline reporter, I don’t really follow her work.

Let it be said that I’m not one of these internet hounds that hovers over their keyboard, waiting for the latest Erin Andrews news.

Instead, I am looking to support her candidacy for DWTS in the most respectful and professional way possible.

Seriously, how can you say no to someone who is employed by a company that is directly tied to the wonderful folks of Disney?

Her charm, ability, and sly sense of humor would be a far better addition than finding the latest athlete to throw on the show. With her previous dancing experience, she would almost certainly be a top contender to win the competition.

Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice were great in there time, but at least for one season it is time to shift into a different direction.

I don’t want to offer up the wrong impression. This is not about what or who I want to see. Ultimately, this is about what Ms. Andrews wants.

Granting her this request would be not only a meaningful occurence for her but an amazing event for her millions of fans.

The ball is in your court. Make the right decision and put Erin Andrews on the next DWTS. You will not be sorry (and neither will her fans).

Best Wishes,

The Unsilent Majority

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