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Video of the Day: Sorry Cleveland

Woe is Cleveland sports...again.

Woe is Cleveland sports...again.

Now that LeBron James and the Cavs tied the city of Cleveland to the proverbial tree of woe again after getting bounced from the Eastern Conference Finals, I’m here to pile on the misery sort of. I don’t have anything against Cleveland personally but since the Phillies saved Philadelphia from the designation of “City of Losers”, one town has to take the beating.

It’s already been a tough month for Cleveland town. Mike Polk torched the city with a pair of faux tourism videos that received nationwide notoriety.

Perhaps Mr. Polk should have slid a mention of former Browns QB Brian Sipe in there. The point man of the Kardiac Kids in 1980, Sipe led the Browns to the playoffs and a matchup in the divisional round against the dreaded Oakland Raiders.

In one of the coldest games in league history, the Browns trailed 14-12 late in the fourth quarter…and then Red Right 88 happened. Besides the Browns, the other real losers of this throw turned out to be the Chargers and Eagles, whom the Raiders slashed and burned en route to winning Super Bowl 15.

As a bonus video, here is a cornball look at the ’80 Browns. Young Jim was scarred after Red Right 88. Just think, we were six years away from John Elway taking a dagger and driving it into Jimmy’s heart three times in the AFC title game. Poor kid.


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