First and 10

First and 10: Today’s 10 Best Links – June 1

Here is today’s reading assignment. Stay thirsty my friends…

  1. The new Lombardi: I highly recommend to grab a few minutes at some point throughout each week and read Michael Lombardi, a former executive for the Raiders, and more recently of National Football Post fame. He provides weekly insight on league matters and inspirational advice. Pretty cool stuff.
  2. Burress to return?: The Bucs are looking for help at receiver…and Plaxico Burress may be their answer.
  3. The Edge:  Edgerrin James speaks out about his time Arizona. He’s not happy but thinks he still has it.
  4. Buck on HBO: The first Joe Buck/HBO promo is out. Enjoy the hijinx.
  5. Peter at 20: SI’s Peter King celebrates 20 years at Sports Illustrated in this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback.
  6. James Harrison isn’t going to like this: A few weeks ago, Harrison wondered why other teams were not invited to the White House besides just winners. Well, look who got an invite to hang with President Obama.
  7. The King of the Court & Clay: Someone finds the silver lining in a rough weekend for LeBron James and Rafael Nadal.
  8. Sack Lodge: Sooner or later the world passes through the Delaware Valley. Here’s an interview with The Hangover star Bradley Cooper. You may know him as “Sack” Lodge from Wedding Crashers.
  9. Little Mac is back: If you were a child of the 80s, you perhaps know about the wonders of Nintendo. The legendary Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out kept kids up for hours. Over 20 years later, the game is back for the Nintendo Wii sans Tyson. Here is the new spot complete with King Hippo!
  10. Operation Nostalgia (and let’s make more money): The NFL is set celebrate the 50th anniversary of the AFL with a series of “legacy” games. You think they’ll sell a few jerseys off of this?

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