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Video of the Day: Deja Vu

The talk of the football world is the 4th and 2 Belichick call to go for it, which as a result ultimately did in the Patriots. For the unaware, there is a historical comparison to what Belichick did last night. Back in 1995, the Cowboys faced a similar situation against the Eagles on the road. Instead of punting when leading by three late in the fourth quarter and in their own territory, then-Cowboys head coach Barry Switzer decided to put his offensive line to work on…twice. Suffice to say, this did not work out. Jump to 1:23 on the video and see the mayhem begin.

The epilogue on this game is that Dallas went on to win the Super Bowl in part due to a rash of good fortune involving other teams around the league. Not many people thought they would be holding the Lombardi Trophy after this game. Take heart Patriots fans, this could be you.


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  1. First off, great decision by the Patriots to help the Colts win. I’m a new convert to Indy because I’m moving there shortly and Seattle really shouldn’t call themselves a pro team. Great game. I was discouraged at the half but what a finish. Go Peyton, Go Colts!!!

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