buffalo bills


[picapp src=”9/a/2/a/NFL_Hall_of_48c0.JPG?adImageId=7595421&imageId=5917429″ width=”380″ height=”244″ /]

Dick Jauron bit the big one in Buffalo on Tuesday. Somehow, he avoided becoming one of my Faces of Defeat, which is a big mystery to me because Jauron was as steady as they come in that department.

Anyhow, one of my closest friends is a die hard Bills fan and after sending him a congratulatory text message on the news (watched a portion of Bills/Dolphins with him a weeks ago and he was just sick from watching Jauron), while upset that the team flushed four seasons down the toilet, he was pleased to say the least.

To Perry Fewell, good luck my man. Looks like you will need it.

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