Tennessee Titans

One Player Under A Groove

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Ladies and gentlemen, Vince Young!!! After taking the Titans on their franchise’s version of “The Drive” on Sunday versus Arizona, Young has resurrected his career and well, you can start blowing those horns like Coltrane on the career of Kerry Collins.

If he ever plays again for the Titans, it’s likely to be for one of the following reasons:

  1. Vince Young is injured.
  2. Jeff Fisher has been fired.
  3. Bud Adams has been removed as owner of the Tennessee Titans.
  4. Tennessee is beating someone by three touchdowns or more late in the fourth quarter.

Only one of those four things is likely to happen anytime soon. It’s funny. Logic said that Vince Young was going to play at some point this season anyways. After all, the track record of quarterbacks over 35 playing all 16 games is not a very good one. Both Collins and Kurt Warner for that matter are finding that out this season.

Anyways, as for Young, it is easy to pin Titan success solely on the shoulders of Chris Johnson’s amazing play as of late. However, that is not showing the full scope of things. Just watch the Titans. Young is making a difference and he’s taking care of the football to boot. The Titans are now a cool 5-0 with Young starting.

Apparently, the new formula to save your season is to play the Patriots in the snow in Foxborough and get throttled. It worked for Arizona last year and now the same is happening to the Titans in 2009.

P.S. You probably couldn’t get Matt Leinart to play Vince Young in a game of Connect Four at this point. No matter the uniform, Young did it to Leinart again on Sunday.

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