JMRA Hall of Fame

The JMRA Hall of Fame – Inductee #1

Here at Joe Montana’s Right Arm, we strive to bring you the best in football. Since it’s the end of the year (and for that matter, the end of the decade), we figured to go out of our way to build a Hall of Fame for our trusted (well, not really) blog.

Who fits the bill? People, places, or things that are responsible for the overall enjoyment of this site’s ability to enjoy the National Football League.

Thus, each year we will induct five entities with an editor’s choice as well but more on that once we get to that point. Our first inductee is…you know.

The legendary Joseph Clifford Montana, the true motivation behind this site is the man who helped shape the beginning stages of my days as an NFL fan.

As explained in an earlier post, it was Joe’s 49ers versus the Philadelphia Eagles in 1989 that truly got me hooked on every NFL game. I went from being just an Eagles fan to being a fan of the entire league as well.

Arguably, Cool Joe is the greatest quarterback in NFL history and the first inductee to the JMRA Hall of Fame.

By the way, if you have any suggestions for other inductions drop me a line at After all, I don’t run a dictatorship.

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