Pittsburgh Steelers

Ryan Clark Is Not Happy

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Annoyed at how the media is portraying the 6-7 Pittsburgh Steelers, safety Ryan Clark came out swinging against fans and the media earlier in the week. Undaunted, Clark perhaps did not use the choice of words to describe how he was feeling about all of the criticism.

“The one thing I’m not going to do, I’m not going to be depressed,” he said. “I’m not going to go home and beat my wife, you know what I mean? I’m going to get on my knees every night and pray and thank God for the blessings I have every night.”

Furthermore, Clark stated fans do not understand how hard the players work on a day in and day out basis. He saved his best material though in explaining his feelings towards the media.

“You watch the [Philadelphia] Eagles, you watch the big plays. You watch things given up. And I started checking other media outlets. You don’t hear the things about them in their media that you hear about us. So either we’re held to a higher standard or the people that write about us are turds.”

I understand Clark getting upset but he has to be somewhat realistic. A team that won the Super Bowl last season has lost five straight games including to the Chiefs, Raiders, and Browns. NEWS FLASH: THOSE TEAMS AREN’T VERY GOOD. Just saying…

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