Minnesota Vikings

Favre Vs. Chilly

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The Brett Favre/Brad Childress saga could provide for some compelling drama as we approach the postseason. Last night, Favre told the media that Childress wanted to take him out of the game but Minnesota’s elder quarterback refused. Suffice to say, Chilly was none too pleased. As explained by Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk.com, this isn’t the first time Favre and Childress had a run-in.

The first blowup came on October 5, during Favre vs. Green Bay I. If you remember late in that game, Minnesota exhibited some peculiar play-calling. Favre audibled out of a run to throw a bomb downfield late in the fourth quarter. Geez, I wonder why that happened?

Anyhow, more problems materialized on November 15 when Favre was nearly benched against Detroit (during a 27-10 win no less). This situation brings about a few issues.

1. How could Childress at any point rationalize benching Favre for Tarvaris Jackson to the fans, media, and ownership?

2. Does Childress not have any inkling who Brett Favre is?

3. Why did the Minnesota brass give Childress a contract extension?

These are just some of the questions that might come up over the next few weeks. Is it the first time a coach wanted to pull his all-pro quarterback during a brow-beating? Nope (see Steve Young and George Seifert for further details, worked ok for them).

Yet, the depth and timing of this remains odd. Get ready Vikings fans. The fuse has been light. Your mission will self-destruct in January.

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