Brett Favre

It’s Still Chilly In Minnesota

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Happy Holidays to everyone! Speaking of happiness and lack thereof, we take you to Minnesota as the Favre-Childress saga continues. Over at the National Football Post, Mike Lombardi wrote a solid piece on Favre’s issues with Childress. From past history in Minnesota under Childress, he just doesn’t give quarterbacks the ability to call audibles.

As Lombardi astutely points out, isn’t this a good time for the coach to compromise with Favre? The team is struggling and a blowup of big proportions could be a distraction as the playoffs loom. Also, this is not a Holmgrem-Favre combo where a much younger Favre was still learning the position. Instead, it’s a grizzled vet coached by a man who is trying to establish a simple law…that he is the law.

It seems this is a simple situation. If you’re willing to get in a car and drive to an airport to personally pickup your prized acquisition,  essentially disrupt your team’s starting quarterback situation, and allow the aforementioned quarterback to basically skip training camp, shouldn’t the next logical leap be made that Favre changing a play is not really a slap in the face of authority; but instead, Favre continuing behavior that he felt might be ok?

In other words, Favre was already given the keys to the kingdom. Thus, ordering a new sofa for the living room is not a big deal right?

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