JMRA Hall of Fame

The JMRA Hall of Fame – Editor’s Award

We’ve made our way through five inductees of the JMRA Hall of Fame and now we’ve arrived to the Editor’s Award.

I’m not really big on talking inside baseball on the stats related to this blog in its one year of operation. However, I will drop this tidbit on you. Do you know who the most searched individuals are on this blog? If you guessed John Mayer and Jessica Simpson, you would be correct.

I mentioned John Mayer, Jessica Simpson, and Tony Romo in one blog post back during the summer and this thing went bananas. Due to contractual obligations and my own ideals though, I’m not bestowing any honors on John Mayer. He’s doing ok and doesn’t need my help.

However, I will honor the illustrious Jessica Simpson with the first Editor’s Award due to her indirect contributions to the site and to the National Football League. After all, the general public is three wins shy of seeing Simpson pull the reverse Kate Hudson.

For the uninitiated…a brief explanation of Romo/Simpson.

and the end…

It’s ok Jess. While you may have helped in the process of creating a “Romo-friendly” environment in Dallas, you’re now in the JMRA Hall of Fame.

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