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Cardinals Nation Braces For Worst News

Kudos to Greg Esposito of for posting this gem of a reference card. We stand hours away from Kurt Warner saying goodbye to the Arizona Cardinals and the NFL. While most are thinking about Kurt’s place in history, Esposito has a more ominous thought on his mind. What are the Cards going to do without Warner? Is the Arizona Cardinals fanbase ready for Matt Leinart?

This reference card provides great detail on how to properly exit from the Arizona Cardinals bandwagon, with the last step becoming a “lifelong” Dallas Cowboys fan. High comedy indeed. However, nothing will be funny for Cards fans faced with the looming specter of Leinart becoming Arizona’s starter.

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  1. damn lol too bad he couldn’t go out with a win. but warner is a great quarterback. man i remember the dynasty that the rams started with him. they had a squad, a crucial offense and defense. those were the days.

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