Ric Flair

The Many Faces of Flair

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Thursday marks a great day in American history. No, no, no. Not Cassius Clay knocking out Sonny Liston. The legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair celebrates birthday 61.

It’s been a rough week for our friend Naitch. His wife, Jacqueline Beems, was arrested Sunday following a domestic dispute that left the WWE Hall of Famer with a few injuries. However, this is not a time to speak negatively about the 16-time world champion.

Flair has been in the wrestling business for nearly four decades and entertained in variety of ways via the spoken word. Whether it’s wooing the ladies or bragging about how much his shoes cost, on the microphone Flair is in a class all by himself.

We now proudly present the many faces of Flair.


As Tully Blanchard astutely pointed out some years ago, Flair and the Four Horsemen not only bragged about how great they were in the ring, they also offered a doctrine of sorts on how to live because ultimately that is how they operated off-camera. Here is a more concise explanation in four steps.

1. Guy A wears good clothes and makes plenty of money thanks to a bevy of ability and/or family background.

2. Guy A attracts female companion(s) due to success.

3. Guy A’s confidence due to professional, personal, and/or social success is perceived as “arrogance” and “conceit”.

4. Guy A is disliked by enemies and yes, even his friends because of Guy A’s level of achievement.

Perhaps Mr. Flair should chime in on this topic.


As is the case with most good men, Flair loved his on-screen family (“cousins” Ole & Arn Anderson), no matter how much pain and suffering they inflicted on others. Like any good family man would do, when one of his is injured, he threatens to put another in the hospital within 90 days…and perhaps makes some sexual suggestive remarks to a woman along the way.


Flair always had a keen eye for the ladies. Whether it was Precious, Woman, or Elizabeth, he conquered nearly all of them…except a young lady by the name of Valerie French. Better known as Sunshine, the blonde maven slapped Flair to Austin, Texas. However, watch in awe as Flair goes into creep mode and tries to smooth out the valet of Billy Jack Haynes.


Sometimes in life, the best warfare is not physical but yet psychological. While proclaiming someone’s significant other as “damaged goods” is not a recommended course of action, it’s rather amusing in pro wrestling. Along with his “executive consultant” Mr. Perfect, Flair drops some knowledge on Randy Savage before their Wrestlemania VIII match.


Lastly, sometimes we all need to vent and let it all out right? Ancient Chinese wisdom goes against holding in anger. Watch Flair cope with his rage against his evil boss Eric Bischoff.

Happy Birthday Naitch!!

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  1. During this past year, I was fortunate enough to view the documentary on Ric Flair. It was great because it informed and it was very entertaining. Flair didn’t pull any punches during his interviews. Definitely recommended viewing.

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