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Anquan & Joe: What Boldin Means To Ravens

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So, what do we make of the Baltimore Ravens now? The Ravens acquired Anquan Boldin in a trade with the Arizona Cardinals for third and fourth round draft picks plus Arizona’s fifth round pick in the 2010 draft. Boldin’s arrival should arrival provide a boost to the Ravens passing game which finished 18th in 2009. However, a large part of how successful Boldin will be depends on Joe Flacco’s development.

Statistically, Flacco improved from his rookie year to his sophomore campaign. Yet, the Ravens ranked 25th in the league in pass attempts. That put them in the neighborhood of teams that picked their spots throwing the football (i.e. Jets, Panthers, Titans, Browns & Bills).

Flacco’s season was at times maddeningly inconsistent. He’d play well versus the Detroits and Chicagos of the world but have all sorts of problems with the Green Bays and Pittsburghs.

Thus, Baltimore’s goal should be trying to find that happy medium. In other words, develop a passing game they can trust.

During the playoffs, Flacco was a combined 24 of 45 for 223 yards and three interceptions. His performance earned a robust passer rating of 39.4 during the two-game run versus New England and Indianapolis.

Boldin should alleviate some of Flacco’s accuracy issues. The former Cardinal star receiver is very good at turning a short gain into a long bruising run. He’ll also give them flexibility in goal line situations as well.

Overall, it’s a good addition without question. As long as Boldin stays healthy and they get something out of Donté Stallworth, the Ravens passing game is likely to become potent in 2010.

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