Pittsburgh Steelers

Santonio Holmes Is The Latest Steeler In Hot Water

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Apparently, this is not the offseason to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. We are familiar with the troubles of Benjamin Roethlisberger but reportedly, problems might be on the horizon for Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes. A Florida woman is filing a lawsuit against against the Steelers receiver after an alleged incident that culminated with her getting hit in the face with a glass at an Orlando, Florida nightclub. The aforementioned glass toss caused a cut near the eye as well.

Anshonoe Mills also claimed that Holmes offered to pay her off to keep the incident quiet. According to TMZ, Holmes told Mills “he was an NFL star and could not get into trouble.”

Wow. Even if this is not true, something is wrong in Steelerland. Obviously this type of thing goes on in the NFL but two guys largely instrumental in Pittsburgh’s last championship being named is troubling.

Innocent or guilty, this is another distraction the Steelers don’t need and they are fully aware. When Pittsburgh began its volutary offseason workout program on Monday, Roethlisberger was nowhere to be found. Further problems for Holmes only adds to a mounting disaster in Pittsburgh.

It’s only the beginning for the Steelers in what is shaping up to be a long and perhaps costly offseason.

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