Cleveland Browns

The JMRA Awards: Worst Unit of the Year

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We continue this year’s JMRA Awards with the Worst Unit of the Year. Simply put, offensive, defensive and special teams units were open for debate. The choice was rather easy.

Worst Unit of the Year: Cleveland Browns Passing Offense

Despite the Browns winning four straight to end the season, watching their offense should have come with a parental advisory.

No team was as inept at throwing the ball as the Cleveland Browns in 2009. Led by Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, Cleveland finished last in quarterback rating for the second consecutive season, posting a 55.8 mark last year.

During a five-game stretch from October 11 to November 16, the Browns threw for fewer than 100 yards on four occasions. Even in the squad’s first victory of the year against the Buffalo Bills, the Browns managed to throw for only 22 net passing yards.

Anderson started the contest, going an electrifying 2 of 17 for 23 yards and an interception.

You know the league lacked quality teams when a quarterback goes 2 of 17 and still somehow manage to pull out a 6-3 victory on the road.

Overall, Cleveland finished dead last in passing yards and mustered only 11 touchdown passes in ’09, which ranked 31st in the league.

Having watched 16 games of inept quarterback play, Cleveland’s answer to this problem during the offseason was to go sign Jake Delhomme. Good luck gang.

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