Indianapolis Colts

Reggie Wayne Wants His Money…Now.

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A slew of players around the league are not happy with their contract situation as training camp approaches next month. Add Indianapolis Pro Bowl receiver Reggie Wayne to the list.

The disgruntled receiver recently told head coach Jim Caldwell that he did not intend on showing up to OTA this weekend. Reason given? He wants a new contract.

The established number one receiver in Indy since the fall of Marvin Harrison, Wayne caught at least 100 passes for the second time in his nine seasons during the ’09 campaign.

The likelihood of Wayne getting a deal done prior to the start of the season seems rather long. He has two years left on his current deal at $6 million per. Also, Peyton Manning’s contract is likely to be renewed at some point this year, Antoine Bethea wants a new deal, and defensive end Robert Mathis wants his contract reworked.

Clearly, there is a line for more money and Wayne will not be first or second in line to cash in.

Thus far, the offseason has been none too kind to Wayne. He is involved in a credit card fraud case with a woman who claims that the four-time Pro Bowler filed charges against her to cover their affair.

It sounds like the Indianapolis front office has their work cut out for them this summer.

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