New England Patriots

People Mag Compares Tom Brady To Justin Bieber…Really.

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The hysteria over Tom Brady’s hair continues as now the story has reached People. The magazine decided it was acceptable to compare him in some way with R&B/pop singer Justin Bieber. Sadly, they are on to something.

If you remember, it was during Game 3 of the NBA Finals that Brady showed off his mighty locks while viewing a Lakers victory. The ensuing days saw many Boston folks express concern over (A) Brady’s bread-breaking with the Bryants and (B) a do that looked like something a-typical of an NFL quarterback and more fitting of a model.

His bowl cut drew comparisons to the same one owned by Bieber. People did not mince any words on their description of the similarities.

“We must admit: It’s hard to think of anyone but Justin Bieber when we look at the new do.”

I’ll choose not to, thanks.

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