LaDainian Tomlinson

NY Post: Tomlinson’s Career Has Two Feet In The Grave

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Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post did not mince any words when assessing LaDainian Tomlinson’s time with the New York Jets thus far.

Hubbuch says if any Jets fan expects something out of the 31-year-old Tomlinson, they are clearly wasting their time.

Rex Ryan’s bunch already went through their OTAs prior to training camp in a few weeks but according to Hubbuch, Tomlinson has done anything but turn heads during his time in Gotham.

Hubbuch’s words were far from glowing when assessing Tomlinson’s performance:

Even without pads or contact, it didn’t take a grizzled NFL scout to notice in the Jets’ recent workouts that Tomlinson just doesn’t look like the same player who terrified opposing defenses with his slippery moves and sublime hands for nine seasons with the Chargers.

Tomlinson appears bulkier and definitely a step (or three) slower than he did in his prime, which is to be expected from a running back who next week turns 31 — increasingly the point of no return in the NFL — with his incredible amount of mileage.

Anyone who thinks that Tomlinson will be back in ’06 form or anything close is fooling themselves. His age and the cumulative wear and tear on his body will prevent him from becoming a top tier back again.

However, until that actually happens, I’m sure Rex Ryan and company will operate from a position of optimism; clinging to the hope that Tomlinson will at the very least fill the void left by Thomas Jones and Leon Washington.

After spending eight relatively stress-free years with the San Diego media, Tomlinson is already under fire without taking a carry for the Jets yet.

Get ready LT. Hope your vest has plenty of Kevlar. The New York media shoots to kill.

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