World Cup

All Hail The Amazing Landon Donovan

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I’m not a diehard soccer fan by any means but Landon Donovan’s goal today to propel USA into the second round is probably the sports moment of the year.

Consider the timing, circumstances, and the fact that USA soccer has a World Cup pedigree similar to that of the Houston Oilers of the 90s, it’s a pretty big deal.

Team USA was sabotaged by poor officiating that took away go-ahead goals against Slovenia and today (for a time) against Algeria. Their top moment before today came courtesy of England’s Robert Green pulling one of the all-time gaffes in World Cup history. Late in the game it seemed dear old USA was doomed for another disappointing effort in the World Cup.

Then, out of nowhere, Donovan flew in to save the day for the States.

Ghana is up next on Saturday at 2:30 eastern time.

Well done Landon.

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