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A Ditty For Roy Halladay

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A young lady by the name of Kathy Anderson penned and performed a song paying tribute to Philadelphia Phillies ace Roy Halladay, who dazzled Blue Jays fans in Toronto for 12 years.

In a cruel twist of fate for Blue Jays fans, the G-20 summit caused Major League Baseball to move this weekend’s series versus the Phillies away from Toronto and to Citizens Bank Park in Philly. Thus, they will be denied a chance to salute Halladay in what would have been his return to Canada.

Halladay is scheduled to pitch Friday night’s tilt as the Phillies play the role of visitors in their home park.

I’d say I feel badly for Blue Jays fans but I don’t…and I’ll show you why:

That’s why. Sorry Blue Jay fans. I have no sympathy. You damaged my childhood for quite some time. Whenever I see the Blue Jay logo, Joe Carter is still jumping in my mind. Take ’em out Roy.

Anyway, here is the song. Bang up job Kathy.

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