Brett Favre

Mariucci on Favre: “Everybody Just Needs To Calm Down Just A Little Bit Right Now.”

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Brad Childress was half right today. Until he hears it from the horse’s mouth, Favre is still in play as far as he was concerned. I’ll add NFL Network analyst/Favre confidant Steve Mariucci to the list of people I choose to believe.

When questioned tonight on NFL Network regarding Favre’s “retirement”, Mariucci said that “everybody just needs to calm down just a little bit right now.”

Ultimately, this is a question of Favre’s health, not will, to play the game. The former Lions and 49er head coach also was quick to point out that the Vikings told Favre not to bother reporting to training camp at this point while he continued to get healthy.

Furthermore, he explained that Favre’s ankle is “not where it needs to be yet” and that he isn’t sure where the media fervor came from in the first place over his retirement. Also, Favre did not confirm this with any reporter, which he has done in the past with the likes of Ed Werder.

Until I hear it from Favre (and Mariucci), I will assume Gunslinger #4 will be in New Orleans under center come September 9.

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