Brett Favre

More on Favre Retirement

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Several sources are reporting that Brett Favre told the Vikings his ankle is not responding the way he hoped.

Also, Favre sent text messages to teammates saying “this is it.”

Neither the Vikings camp or Favre are confirming that the retirement is true. If it is, the spotlight will quickly fall on Brad Childress who paid Favre a visit a few weeks ago. People obviously are going to ask Childress “hey, what sense did you get from Favre” in a 150 different ways.

I’m guessing the Vikings will not give up on this and try to convince Favre to change his mind again.

This is not over yet because if you remember, he essentially did the same thing a little over one year ago.  

He might mean it this time but then again, he despises training camp and might need a few more weeks to reboot the system.

Honestly, he should retire. NFC Championship game aside, it’s better to go out the way he did last year than the way Johnny Unitas or Dan Marino did.

Remember, it’s far better to go out near the top than to go out on the bottom.

Stay tuned…

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