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Live Blog: Colts at Eagles – Burning Down the House

Today marks the third appearance of Peyton Manning in Philadelphia and we’ll celebrate such a special occasion with a live blog.

The Colts, ravaged by injury, will attempt to take down the Eagles with some very special guests in attendance…

4:15 – Two special cameos for the game today…Vince Vaughn and former Colts receiver Marvin Harrison. That’s right. This Marvin Harrison.


4:17 – LeSean McCoy opens up the festivities with a 62-yard run. By the way, the Colts are wearing throwback jerseys that make them look somewhat awkward.

4:18 – DeSean Jackson catches a nine-yard missile from Michael Vick. Wow, the Colts came to play today. Geez.


4:20 – Jim Nantz kindly reminds us that this is the 200th straight start for Lord Manning. His first pass ever in the Linc is incomplete.

4:22 – With pressure coming on, Manning floats a duck into the waiting arms of Asante Samuel.

4:25 – David Akers bangs in a field goal to make it 10-0. However, a greater concern for the Eagles is that Samuel is gassed on the sidelines. He is taking an oxygen right now as if he’s playing in Denver. That’s not a good sign.


4:30 – The Colts are not expressing a lot of confidence in their pass protection and opt for receiver screens.

4:34 – Another Colt drive stalls. Punter Pat McAfee punts it to the 1.

4:35 – So, I’m looking at YouTube at the moment and I see Conan O’Brien. He is in my top five of most overrated entertainers ever.

4:37 – Vick splits two defenders on a bomb to Jackson into Colts territory. It appeared the officials may have missed a holding call in the endzone, which would be a safety. I will not look a gift horse in the mouth though.

4:41 – Hope Vick brought another pair of cleats. The Colts defensive line is chasing him all over the joint early on. Yet, the Eagles finish off another drive with points.


4:45 – While I’m thinking about it, most overrated entertainer list…1. Conan O’Brien 2. Jay Leno 3. Adam Sandler 4. Mike Myers 5. Jeff Foxworthy

4:48 – Colts defense is holding Peyton in this game…sort of. The Indy offense looks bad. Poor penalties. No pass protection. Keep running rocket screens to receivers. They are working though, which is a troubling sign for the Birds.


4:52 – Hmmm…cheesesteaks.

4:59 – Manning to Wayne results in a challenge. By the way, Harry Potter is 30, no? I feel like that series predates the Godfather trilogy at this point.


5:02 – The Curse of the Tight End begins to haunt the Eagles as Jacob Tamme is interfered with in the red zone by linebacker Stewart Bradley.

5:06 – Tamme catches a pass in the flat, takes a nap, gets up to take a shower, has a cup of coffee, and then scores a touchdown from three yards out. Geez, where is the tackling. Game on.


5:10 – Woah. Brent Celek just got baptized by DeShea Townsend of the Colts. Don’t lay your receivers out kids.

5:14 – If you squint your eyes, Jason Avant runs like T.O. when he’s in the open field. On second glance, not really. He sets up a goal to go situation with a long catch.

5:16 – DeSean Jackson loses seven yards on a screen pass after he decides to change direction. Vick promptly follows that up with a timeout. Oy vey.

5:20 – The Eagles must settle for a field goal, which Akers nails. Cue the music.


5:28 – Oh boy. Austin Collie got walloped. His arms are stuck in the air. Wow. Chilling hit.

5:33 – Eagles got tagged for an unnecessary roughness call because of Coleman’s hit on Collie. That’s the least of anyone’s worries at the moment. It appears Collie needs a stretcher.

5:38 – In the span of 90 seconds, Collie is stretchered off, Manning hits Blair White, and the Eagles are tagged with a facemask call. The next play sees Javarris James score on a six-yard scamper. The air is out of the crowd and the Eagles defense after that series.


5:45 – Bizarre vibe after the Collie play. It looked like the Eagles D phoned it in on the James touchdown run. Eagles go three and out. Sav Rocca concludes matter with a crisp 19-yard punt.

5:51 – Peyton takes advantage of Rocca’s misfortune to lead a field goal drive. Amazingly, the Colts have the lead. Give an assist to the defense, who prevented this game from getting out of control early.



5:52 – A definite momentum swing took place after the Collie injury occurred as odd as that might seem. The Eagles let down and the Colts took over. Philly has no one to blame but themselves. Conceivably, they could have led 21-0 in the first half. Instead, they fell for the “banana in the tailpipe” trick with the Colts. Peyton Manning will figure you out at some point, it’s just a matter of when.


6:07 – Jim Nantz reports that Austin Collie suffered a concussion and appears to be alert. He is still in the team locker room. The Eagles avoid any further damage on the first Indy possession of the second half. McAfee me.

6:14 – The Eagles promptly follow Indy’s three and out with one of their own.

6:15 – By the way, what’s with this growing movement of demeaning men in commercials? You have the current run of Miller Lite ads and now this…


6:17 – Anyhow, the Colts are still in the three and out mode.

6:23 – The crowd is getting awfully restless due to a litany of unjust calls in their opinion. Bad acting by Pat McAfee led to a running into kicker penalty on the Birds. They were able to survive it but the fans are approaching a DEFCON 1 level of anger.

6:28 – Great stat from Nantz. The Colts have allowed only one third and 10 conversion all season. Wow. That roll continues. However, the Eagles chip away to get another Akers field goal.


6:34 – The last man standing competition the Colts are staging at running back seems to be working at the moment. Donald Brown is chewing up yards well enough.

6:36 – Nothing doing for the Colts on their latest drive. Although, Tamme is probably going to end up on a lot of fantasy rosters after this game.

6:40 – Eagles offensive lineman Winston Justice is called for holding, which negates a Brent Celek touchdown catch. Alas, the fans continue to grow restless.

6:42 – Not to be outdone, Jason Peters is called for a false start.

6:46 – A 32-yard run by Vick bails out a potentially hopeless drive. The Eagles head for a goal to goal situation to open up the fourth.



6:49 – Jason Avant falls short of the end zone on a pass from Vick…or did he?  Andy Reid throws the challenge flag. Looks like he might lose this one…

6:53 – …and he does.

6:54 – Vick scores from the one on a sneak…or does he? A replay shows that Vick may not have broken the plane. A Jim Caldwell sighting means its challenge time.

6:59 – The fans watch in horror as the Eagles get the short end of the challenge once again. Their displeasure is short-lived as Vick gets in from a yard out (I think). Even if Indy wants to challenge, that will never be overturned.


7:06 – The Eagles are generating JUST ENOUGH pressure to fluster Manning. His timely isn’t quite what it normally.  Eagles up nine with over 12 minutes left. As my brother says, “it’s gonna get tricky” for the Colts very soon.

7:11 – Somehow, CBS unearths footage from a 1971 Punt, Pass, and Kick competition featuring Andy Reid. He looked mighty uncomfortable.

7:17 – Phil Simms is awfully impressed with Michael Vick’s spirals. So are the Colts, who keep watching him complete passes.

7:22 – Clock. Killing. Drive.

7:23 – Drive. Killing. Penalty.

7:24 – I’m not a psychic but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Winston Justice will not make the Pro Bowl this year. Just a hunch.

7:27 – Ernie Sims sacks Manning to force a 3rd and 18 play. The latter is a dropped pass by Tamme.

7:29 – The Eagles force a fumble of Manning and the game is…well, hold the phones. Trent Cole is called for a blow to the head. First down Indy.

7:31 – TWO MINUTE WARNING…with Indy at the 1.

7:34 – James scores for the second time. Philly’s lead is down to two.


7:36 – The Colts have all three timeouts left with 1:50 left. I’d kick away here. If the Eagles get a first it’s over anyways.

7:38 – Indy uses the first of three timeouts after another Jackson reverse.

7:42 – Third and seven…and it’s a Vick run, which is short. Timeout Indy. Lord Peyton will get one final shot.

7:43 – Manning has :40 seconds…no timeouts.

7:46 – :18 seconds

7:46 – Samuel interception! The Eagles deal Indy its first loss in November since 2007.


7:47 – Let’s celebrate the Eagles win with a music video…or two.

…here is a rebuttal.

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