Philadelphia Eagles

Today In Philadelphia Eagles History: When TO Met Nicollette

Coming up tonight, the Eagles meet their former quarterback Donovan McNabb in what we’ll dub as McNabb Bowl II.

Six years ago today, McNabb and the Eagles trounced the Dallas Cowboys 49-21 on Monday Night Football in Texas Stadium.

The game itself was notable for three reasons:

1. Donovan McNabb connected with Freddie Mitchell for one of the greatest plays in Eagles history.

2. McNabb and T.O. mocked their disagreement in Pittsburgh a week earlier, when Owens attempted to talk to McNabb but the latter would not have part of a discussion.

3. Months following the Janet Jackson Super Bowl XXXVIII debacle, someone at ABC thought it would be a good idea to hype Desperate Housewives by having Nicollette Sheridan prance around half-naked in a locker room with Owens.

Suffice to say, this upset a few people.

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