Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson Proves Taking The High Road Is Overrated

In what proved to be the best heavyweight boxing match of the last decade, Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan received light penalties for their involvement in a brawl yesterday.

The NFL fined each Finnegan and Johnson $25,000 each.

Johnson, who many (himself included) thought would be suspended for Thursday’s game at Philadelphia, may have received a reprieve from the league due to Finnegan’s notorious background and rumors circulating that the Titans cornerback told the Texans sideline to “watch this” before chaos ensued.

This marks the second time the NFL opted not to suspend a player for punching.

Two Sundays ago, Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour punched Ben Roethlisberger but he also avoided suspension.

I wonder what would happen if a player punched Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. At least a two-game suspension?

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