Month: November 2010

Boise State Kicks Away BCS Hopes

Last night, Nevada upset third ranked Boise State in a fantastic college football contest. During a game that featured efficient offense and perhaps the best last second throw by a quarterback not named David Garrard this fall, it will be best remembered by a special teams meltdown.

Pour One Out For The Spectrum

Yes, I’m day late. However, since the wrecking ball used on the Philadelphia Spectrum has the strength of a pea shooter, I figured there was still more than ample opportunity to pay my respects. Missing from this countdown? The Dr.J cradle dunk on Michael Cooper. Simply put, an […]

Minnesota Vikings Fire Brad Childress

According to ESPN, the Minnesota Vikings have fired head coach Brad Childress following an embarrassing 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers yesterday. The team named defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier as interim head coach for Minnesota’s final six games.