Quarterback Rankings

The JMRA Quarterback Rankings – Week 11

Despite going head to head this week, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning did not budge from their Week 10 spots.

TB12 stays at number one while another shuffling act happens throughout the Top 10.

After a hail mary propelled David Garrard to number two last week, he was not as lucky in Week 11

Garrard’s winning effort versus Cleveland did not save him from dropping to number seven.

One week after the bye, Philip Rivers and the Chargers crushed Denver on Monday night, which allowed the San Diego signal caller to climb to number two.




Pos. Player Team Score LW
1. Tom Brady NE 102.7 (1)
2. Philip Rivers SD 99.0 (3)
3. Matt Ryan ATL 97.7 (6)
4. Peyton Manning IND 97.0 (4)
5. Aaron Rodgers GB 96.3 (9)
6. Michael Vick PHI 95.2 (5)
7. David Garrard JAX 94.5 (2)
8. Josh Freeman TB 92.9 (NR)
9. Matt Cassel KC 92.5 (10)
10. Joe Flacco BAL 92.2 (NR)

Dropped out: Eli Manning, Kyle Orton

Prime-time was not a friend to either Manning or Orton. First, Peyton’s brother threw three interceptions on Sunday night in Philadelphia in a Giant loss.

One night later, Orton and the Broncos fell to San Diego 35-14. The Broncos offensive line allowed five sacks; while Denver’s game plan unsuccessfully went to a quick screen game that fell flat.


Pos. Player Team Score LW
1. Jimmy Clausen CAR 55.9 (1)
2. Matt Moore CAR 62.0 (2)
3. Brett Favre MIN 67.7 (4)
4. Derek Anderson ARI 67.9 (3)
5. Alex Smith SF 71.0 (7)
6. Kerry Collins TEN 73.2 (5)
7. Jason Campbell OAK 73.4 (10)
8. Shaun Hill DET 75.8 (9)
9. Donovan McNabb WAS 76.3 (8)
10. Colt McCoy CLE 77.8 (NR)

Dropped out: Matt Hasselbeck

The Green Bay Packers brought the curtain down on the Brad Childress era in Minnesota. As a result, Brett Favre plummets near the bottom of our rankings.

Incredibly, one of the most celebrated quarterbacks in NFL history is now in danger of breaking bread with Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen.

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