Month: November 2010

12>18: James Sanders Foils Peyton Manning

In what began to develop into a bizarre replay of last year’s Indy/New England 4th and 2 debacle, finished as a win for the Patriots, who held on for dear life to defeat the Colts 31-28 on Sunday. The Patriots built a 31-14 fourth quarter lead but their […]

Week 11: Road Is Where The Heart Is

During an NFL week featuring Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning; a Raider visit to Pittsburgh; Favre Bowl IV; and other assorted goodies, I’ll be in Bethelehem, Pennsylvania and perhaps away from the internet while games are in play. Thus, I’m here to warn you. Any correspondence that flows […]

Chad Dukes Blows His Stack Over Redskins

Chad Dukes, a DC sports-talk show host, recently went off on the Redskins and their performance last Monday night versus the Eagles. Among the highlights: Dukes called for “Redskins Reparations” due to the organization’s overall incompetence. He implored fans to change allegiances and even support the Giants, Cowboys, […]

Michael Vick Doin’ Work

Disclaimer: If you’re a Redskins fan, please close your eyes. Here is a review of Monday night’s Michael Vick explosion, which certainly helped more than a few people win fantasy games. I entered Monday night’s game with a sizable lead playing against an owner who had Michael Vick, […]

Double Vision: Eagles Eviscerate Redskins 59-28

Perhaps if the Redskins had a Mike Shanahan lookalike roaming the stands on Monday night, they would not have been on the receiving end of one of the most embarrassing chapters in team history. The Philadelphia Eagles ripped, tarred, humiliated, humbled, and soundly defeated the Washington Redskins 59-28 […]