Indianapolis Colts

Great Moments In Colts-Patriots History I

After going through the Denver Broncos defense like they were an EZ Pass toll during the 2004 AFC Wild Card round, the Indianapolis Colts ventured to Foxborough for a date with the New England Patriots in the divisional playoffs.

Two long drives by the New England offense featuring “Clock Killin'” Corey Dillon put the Pats in prime position to advance to the AFC title game in Pittsburgh.

Dillon’s running and a stifling defense stopped the “unstoppable” Colts, 20-3.

According to Bill Belichick in the re-telling of the 2004 Patriots season in America’s Game, the Colts asked for extra tickets to the AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh prior to their game versus New England. Woops.

The Patriots went on to win Super Bowl XXXIX.

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