News and Notes

Week 11: Road Is Where The Heart Is

During an NFL week featuring Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning; a Raider visit to Pittsburgh; Favre Bowl IV; and other assorted goodies, I’ll be in Bethelehem, Pennsylvania and perhaps away from the internet while games are in play.

Thus, I’m here to warn you. Any correspondence that flows from here or Twitter between the hours of 1pm and 6:30pm will be the thoughts of a man reading NFL Game Center on my Blackberry.

The aforementioned will occur until I plop myself in front of a TV for Giants/Eagles on Sunday night.

If I were in my early to mid 20s still, this is where I might type “FML” or something else bogus along those lines.

However, I don’t get down like that. Life is too good.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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