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Live Blog: Jets at Patriots – The Return of Mr. Big

We are set to embark on the AFC’s biggest game to date between Rex Ryan’s Jets and the Patriots of William Stephen Belichick.

A game with potentially significant ramifications needs to get the live blog treatment!

8:33 – It looks awfully cold in Foxborough, Mass. Bring your hard hats, ladies and gentlemen.

8:39 – Just for the record, kiss of death of alert! Pats 24, Jets 17.


8:40 – Kryptonite alert! The cold hides Brady’s long locks! Terrible.

8:47 – General Brady leads the troops down the field quickly into Jets territory but stalls at New York’s 24. A Graham field goal gives the Pats an early lead.


8:53 – Everyone talks about Brady and the Pats O versus the New York D but this is the matchup I want to see. Weakness on weakness.

8:54 – The phrase “not a lot of household names” is not one I want to hear associated with my defense. Jets on the move.

8:59 – Rex Ryan challenges a spot on a sneak…and fails. Fourth down. Bad idea Rex.

9:01 – The Jets gamble and go for it…and successfully get it.

9:03 – Gaffe #2 by Rex Ryan. He allows Nick Folk to attempt a 53-yard field goal in cold conditions down 3-0. He misses wide right.

9:06 – Even if he’s kicking into the wind, Folk is not a rock solid performer from that range.

9:08 – Brady chucks one deep to Tight End of Doom #2 (Rob Gronkowski) and it draws a PI to the NYJ 1. This may not turn out well.

9:10 – And it doesn’t…Touchdown for BJGE.


9:12 – By my count, we’ve already seen three major errors by the Jets:

  1. Rex’s spot challenge.
  2. Folk FG attempt.
  3. 36-yard defensive PI.

9:14 – The Jets sense my error count and add a delay of game to it.

9:15 – Error #5…a Steve Weatherford punt of 13 yards.

9:17 – Well, at least the Jets got a sack to force 2nd and 22….

9:19 – Decision time for Belichick. The Patriots facing a 4th and 3 in field goal territory…opt to go for it.

9:22 – The Patriots have a great play call for a 4th and 3 against a big blitz from the Jets. Brady to Branch from 25 yards away adds to New York’s misery.


9:27 – A miserable first quarter for the Jets concludes. Well, it could be worse Jets fans. At least it’s not 24-0.


9:31 – A Jets drive is highlighted by Mike Tirico calling Brad Smith the “Swiss Army Knife.” They finally get points though thanks to a Folk field goal setup by a 3rd and 3 drop by Braylon Edwards.


9:38 – Danny Woodhead takes a Brady pass 35 yards down to the NYJ 32. We are watching one of the great hidden storylines of the season. Did you think one of the key figures of the 2010 season would be a guy the Jets cut on Hard Knocks? Me neither.

9:48 – After an offensive pass interference, the Patriots score on a touchdown pass to Brandon Tate, who may have landed out of bounds before getting both feet down. It doesn’t matter because Ryan blew his first challenge on a spot in the first quarter. This is not his finest hour.


9:52 – If the Jets don’t recover, this will be another bitter pill to swallow for LT after ’06 and ’07 playoffs versus New England.

9:58 – The Jets defense forces a punt but the offense fails to generate a drive. Meanwhile, another poor Weatherford punt sets up the Pats at the 50.

10:02 – Wow. Just saw a video of Donald Trump’s hair acting up next to Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Good times.

10:05 – Further disaster avoided by the Jets but still down by 21.

10:11 – The first half ends for the Jets as a last gasp drive for points goes for naught.


SUMMARY: The optimistic Jets fan can point to the Browns, Lions, or Texans games and say “Sanchez can lead a comeback easily in the second half.” However, none of those teams will reside in the playoffs in 2010. Don’t expect much to change in the second half. Maybe the Jets could call this guy for help…

10:21 – Watching the Brady/Belichick combo operate in big games reminds me of the unflappable General Zod of Superman II fame.


10:28 – Jets putting together a good looking drive…it’s about time.

10:34 – Brandon Spikes picks off Sanchez near the end zone to end a long Jets drive. Not to pile on here but as I espoused earlier this season, the Jets are not getting to the Super Bowl unless something bizarre happens. They just are not consistent enough on offense. By the way, that was Sanchez’s first red zone interception of the season.

10:41 – Brady completes a 35-yarder to Tight End of Doom #1 (Aaron Hernandez) down to the NYJ 24.

10:44 – Brady touchdown pass #3 lands in the hands of Wes Welker, who goes 18 yards for the score. Doesn’t Darrelle Revis play for the Jets? Feels like he is a non-factor. Thus, the Pats turn a red zone turnover into a touchdown.


10:51 – This can’t get worse for the Jets right? Wrong. Devin McCourty interception on a pass intended for Braylon Edwards.

10:55 – You are watching as sound of a beating of a “good team” as you will see this season. Woodhead for 50 yards.

10:57 – My, my, my. Things have significantly changed since the first time these two teams met. Randy Moss was catching passes from Brady. Now, he catches them from Rusty Smith and Kerry Collins.


10:59 – The Pats clean up a drive with a one-yard touchdown pass to Aaron Hernandez. How many peeps had the Pats winning by five touchdowns by this point?


11:06 – Jaworski says Sanchez “has no right” to throw that pass…an interception to James Sanders.

11:11 – BJGE scores again to cap another Jets drive. You can’t accuse BB of running it up. The Jets are not showing the will to stop them.


11:12 – By the way, Mike Tirico has been borderline ruthless tonight with the Jets. Just dropped the “same old Jets” reference.

11:19 – Well, at least the Jets still have a chance to determine the results of fantasy football games.

11:22 – Sorry fellow Eagles fans, but this is true…!/JoeMsrightarm/status/11998019377434624

11:25 – A Fred Taylor sighting!

11:28 – BB still has Brady in and the collective foot on the throat of the Jets. For those wondering why Brady is still in, remember this is the same team that practically ran it up on poor Joe Gibbs in ’07.

11:34 – Mercifully, it’s over. Tom Brady wins his 26th consecutive home game (regular season) in resounding fashion. The Patriots grab a definitive edge in the AFC East.


SUMMARY: Tonight’s win guarantees nothing for the Patriots with a road trip to Chicago up next and a Sunday nighter versus the Packers on the horizon. However, this is a major psychological advantage for the Pats. I don’t think Mark Sanchez is capable of winning on the road to get a team into the Super Bowl.

I guess the best way to sum up tonight is this. If the 2001-04 Patriots’ offense married the ’07 team, you’d get a team like this; a group of high-scoring highly productive role players led by the game’s best coach and the game’s best quarterback.

Just a superior effort by the Patriots.

We’ll close it with Dandy Don. Rest in peace my friend.

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