Quarterback Rankings

The JMRA Quarterback Rankings – Week 13

Peyton Manning held the number one contender spot in our rankings for the first six weeks of tracking QB play.

Now, after throwing four more picks on Sunday, he is in danger of falling out of the Top 10.

Meanwhile, some guy in New England expanded his lead to what might be an insurmountable margin with four games left to go.

A title change might be in store after the first week in February…or perhaps, sooner.




Pos. Player Team Score LW
1. Tom Brady NE 115.6 (1)
2. Aaron Rodgers GB 102.8 (5)
3. Matt Ryan ATL 101.9 (3)
4. Philip Rivers SD 100.9 (2)
5. Matt Cassel KC 100.7 (4)
6. Michael Vick PHI 98.9 (6)
7. Joe Flacco BAL 95.3 (7)
8. Jay Cutler CHI 94.9 (NR)
9. David Garrard JAX 93.9 (NR)
10. Peyton Manning IND 93.6 (8)

Dropped out: Eli Manning, Kyle Orton

Cutler finally sneaked back in the Top 10 along with Garrard, who is closing in on leaving Manning and the Colts out in the cold for the playoffs.

A-Rod’s effort versus San Fran catapulted him to the number two spot but he is nearly 13 points away from Mr. Brady.


Pos. Player Team Score LW
1. Jimmy Clausen CAR 56.0 (1)
2. Matt Moore CAR 62.0 (2)
3. Derek Anderson ARI 63.9 (4)
4. Bruce Gradkowski OAK 64.7 (3)
5. Kerry Collins TEN 68.3 (7)
6. Brett Favre MIN 68.9 (5)
7. Alex Smith SF 71.0 (6)
8. Shaun Hill DET 74.6 (9)
9. Donovan McNabb WAS 75.3 (10)
10. Jason Campbell OAK 76.9 (8)

While Vince Young is viewed by some as immature, but he was more productive than Collins, who jumped two spots after another rough outing versus Jacksonville last Sunday.

Meanwhile, Favre Watch saw our troubled gunslinger throw one pass (an interception) but yet drop a spot.

An injured shoulder for Favre may lead to the second week of the “Tarvaris Jackson Era: Take 2.”

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