Brett Favre

The Bears Win The NFC North & Conquer The Ultimate Warrior

Brett Favre, who Ron Jaworski labeled as the “ultimate warrior” during last night’s telecast, suffered a concussion after getting tossed to the ground by Chicago Bears defensive end Corey Wootton.

The Bears trounced Favre and the Minnesota Vikings last night, 40-14, on Monday Night Football to win the NFC North crown.

In the process, they may have authored the death blow to Brett Favre’s career.

Favre’s concussion is same injury that Vikings punter Chris Kluwe foreshadowed prior to Monday’s game was likely to happen thanks to the concrete-like turf at the University of Minnesota’s stadium.!/ChrisWarcraft/status/16556049678991360

Once Favre convinced head coach Leslie Frazier that he could go with his somewhat recovered limbs, you had the feeling it may turn out well if the Bears brought the heat, which they did.

While Favre has been declared as “unlikely to play” on Sunday night at Philadelphia, the Vikings will not put him on the injured reserve list.

Looks like the Vikings needed the real Ultimate Warrior last night instead of Brett Favre.

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