NFL Lockout

Things You Should Be Doing During The NFL Lockout: #45

Instead of trotting out the usual snooze-a-thon of  “Top 10 Moments” lists for 2010, we’re switching it up by devoting a list to what you should be doing to help pass the time during the NFL work stoppage. Trust me, this will be an assortment of some of the most random things ever.

Is Miami Vice the best show in the history of television?

Hell no.

Is Miami Vice in the top 10 of best televisions shows ever?

LOL. Of course not.

Is Miami Vice one of the most influential shows in television history?

Ahhhh, now we’re talking.

Miami Vice aired Friday nights on NBC from 1984 to 1989 and created a surprisingly stable marriage of guns, pastel colors, rock music, and cheesy acting.

Don Johnson played the constantly troubled James “Sonny” Crockett, a cop who had a knack for tracking down the bad guys but nearly always failing at relationships.

His partner, Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs, nearly equaled Crockett in tragic circumstances. Tubbs arrived to Miami in the show’s pilot, searching for the person responsible for his brother’s death.

The show wasn’t necessarily known for its acting despite cameos from stars like Chris Rock, Liam Neeson, and Julia Roberts but more so for the scenery, gun fights, and of course the clothes.

During the 1980s, you would be hard-pressed to find cooler customers than Crockett and Tubbs. Sadly though, they were both awful at maintaining relationships with women but man, they sure knew how to shoot up the bad guys.

Instead of the easy suggestion to watch all five seasons of Vice, here is a list of the shows you must watch from the series.

(Editor’s Note: The show tanked after season three for numerous reasons including different directors, Johnson’s movie/singing career, and an overall change in show philosophy. Suggesting any person watch all five seasons might be a sign that I don’t like them.)


  • Brother’s KeeperIn my opinion, the pilot might be the best show in history of the series.
  • Calderone’s Return (Part I & II) Drug dealers, assassins, illicit affairs…I’m all in.
  • Golden Triangle (Part I & II) – Lieutenant Castillo was a bore but pretty effective in this series.
  • Evan – When you hear Peter Gabriel, something terrible is going to happen.


  • Prodigal Son – Crockett and Tubbs do New York City. Plus, a Pam Grier alert!!!!!
  • Out Where The Buses Don’t Run – Just watch for the spectacularly creep ending.
  • Back In The World – This show was the only time I enjoyed The Doors for longer than five minutes. No offense Jim.
  • Definitely Miami – My favorite show of the entire series, featuring my favorite sequence. It even made me enjoy the acting work of Ted Nugent.
  • Little Miss Dangerous – One of the more awkward and darker episodes in season two. Nice choice in ladies, Rico.
  • The Fix – One would think a show featuring then-NBA star Bernard King and the legendary Bill Russell would be terrible, right? Wrong!
  • Sons and Lovers – Another saga in the Calderone fiasco. Babies out of wedlock and dirty cops are prominently featured in this season two closer.


  • When Irish Eyes Are Crying – The show drifted from the two-hour season opener format and decided blowing up Crockett’s Daytona was a wise move.
  • The Good Collar A wire tap gone terribly wrong.
  • Forgive Us Our Debts – One of Crockett’s biggest enemies surfaces. The start of a pretty cool story arc. The slow decline of Crockett begins here.
  • Down For The Count (Part I & II) – Again, Peter Gabriel music means something amazingly tragic will happen.
  • Theresa – If you think your lady problems are something, Crockett screws up with a woman once more.
  • The Afternoon Plane – The spectacularly disappointing culmination of the Calderone saga.
  • By Hooker By Crook – Crockett’s latest faux-pas with a woman involves a call-girl scandal. Poor fella.


  • Missing Hours – Truly, one of the worst episodes of any big name show ever. It features Chris Rock, James Brown, and peanut butter. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Love at First Sight – Iman + drag = serial killer.
  • Deliver Us From Evil (Part I)/Mirror Image (Part II) – Part I in the journey is the blowoff of the Crockett/Frank Hackman feud, which is introduced during season three’s Forgive Us Our Debts. It is also the end of the line for Crockett’s show wife, played by Sheena Easton. Part II features the terrible Crockett amnesia angle where he becomes his undercover alter-ego Burnett and kills for fun.


  • FreefallThe only episode of significance in a dreadful final season, was the last that aired in May 1989.

Well, that’s a lot of homework for five seasons. I have faith you can at least make some headway on a few of these choices.

You will not be sorry.

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