NFL Lockout

Things You Should Be Doing During The NFL Lockout: #52

Don’t expect the NFL lockout to conclude during the July 4th holiday. Rich people have money to spend and vacations to take.


Recently, I vacationed in the Bay Area for my cousin’s wedding. It gave me the opportunity to do what some Americans fail to do these days because of their dedication to work.

Every now and then, take a vacation and recharge your batteries by visiting the place where you spent your formative years.

Since people are not likely to vacation in my two hometowns of South Boston, Virginia and Somerdale, New Jersey, I did the next best thing; I visited the place where Joe Montana became king.

Candlestick Park

Even though Giants fans seemed to be in zombie mode months after winning the World Series, San Francisco is a great city with some rather interesting people on display.

While walking down Market Street, I saw a first for me…a homeless man screaming at someone on his cell phone.

That was probably the crazy in him talking on the other end and not an actual human but it was still intriguing to see.

Anyhow, after spending a few days in the city, I realized five things:

  1. If not for constant threat of earthquakes looming over the region’s head, I’d move out there in 30 seconds. That place is oozing with things to do.
  2. Mechanics must make a decent living out there. Much of the city requires people to park their cars either leaning up or down a hill, I’m assuming this is not good for a car in the long run.
  3. San Francisco has picture perfect weather. Temperatures ranged between 65 and 80 degrees while I was out there. It was a great contrast to see versus the east. In fact, if I had some weather machine, I’d automatically set it to 75 degrees and sunny – much like San Fran.
  4. As advertised, Californians are mellow…almost too mellow. East coasters are hardened criminals by comparison.
  5. As you can imagine, the women are spectacular out there as well.

Thus, take some time this summer and visit somewhere you once called home. If that doesn’t work, just go to California.

You’ll thank me later.

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